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                       Cenat-Cenut Love

On one evening, Madi and  Sihot are sitting on the side road and playing their own guitar. They are bosom friend. Suddenly, Rara and Abil pass in front of them .

Sihot    :  (flute)….Look ! What a beautiful girl she is!
Madi   :  Which one ?
Sihot    :  The long hair one. She is like the member of cherrybell… you know, chibi-chibi cherybell.
Madi   :  Hmm..maybe.

On  the tomorrow morning, there is an acceptance new students at SMA  1 South Korea. Each of the new students enter to their own class. Madi get the same class with Sihot.

Madi   :  Hot, do you see them?
Sihot    :  Yeah…they are girls who had been met yesterday. It turn out that they are our classmates. How lucky men we are!
Madi   :  By the way,Do you know the name of the long hair girl one?
Sihot    :  No, I don’t.
After school.
Madi   :  Hey you! Wait!(Stop Rara and Abil’ step)
Rara and Abil  : (feel  annoy with him)
Abil     : Hey, what’s up?
Madi   : I just wanna get acquainted with you
Rara and Abil ; (looked confuse)
Madi   : Ok. I’m Madi (give his hand to Rara)
Rara    : Sorry...We are busy. (Rara and Abil leave Madi.)
Madi   : Hey wait me!(pursue them by running)

But suddenly…”Gubrak!”,Madi slip and fell down.

Rara and Abil : Hey look him! He fell down.Hahaha..
Madi   : (feel embrass and painful)
Sihot    : (Approach him)Hey bro!Are you okay?(laugh for him).
Madi   : Hey,stop laughing me! Okay?! (looks anger)
Sihot    : Sorry bro, but it is so embrassment.( little bit laugh)

On the night, Abil is seeking a book in gramedia. Suddenly, she meets Sihot..

Sihot    : Hey you,the veil girl one!
Abil     : Oy!Oh that’s you. Aren’t we classmate?
Sihot    : Yes. My name is Sihot. My friends usually call me Hot.How about you?
Abil     : My name is Abil. You can call me Kite
Sihot    : By the way, Where is your friend? Don,t you usually walk together?
Abil     : Oh Rara. This time,I just want to go alone.
Sihot    : I see. Kite, could I ask you something about Rara?
Abil     : Mmm….(think)
Sihot    : C’mon! Please..
Abil     : Ok. What is it?

They talk something quietly.

Sihot    : I see.. Oke, thanks for your information.
Ulfah   : You’re welcome

When Sihot is in back home trip, he meet Madi

Madi   : Hey hot!
Sihot    : What’s up bro?
Madi   : Where do you come from?
Oka     : I’m from Gramedia. Did you know? At last, I met with Rara’s friend.
Madi   : Rara ?
Oka     : Rara is our classmate who has long hair one.
Madi   : Then ?
Oka     : I get some information about Rara from her.
Madi   : Really ? Tell it to me!
Oka     : No..! I will use the information to come near Rara.
Madi   : Along this time, It turn out that you play in my behind. How treason you are!
Oka     :  Oke. From now on, we compete to get her heart.
Madi   : Fine..

They leave with  a fed up face.

Tomorrow, in school.

Abil     : Ra, did you know? There are boys who are interested with you and one them asked about you to me steadily yesterday.
Rara    : Really ? Who are they ?
Abil     : They are Sihot and Madi..
Rara    : Iuh.. very kamseupay ..

Suddenly Madi and Sihot approach them
Sihot & madi : Hi, good morning Rara.. !(together)
Rara    : Good morning…
Madi   : In this morning, I want you to know that I love you Rara. (nervous)
Sihot  : Me too. I have loved you in our first meet.
Rara    : Ehm...Ok, listen ! Firstly, I want to say sorry to you because I often ignore both of you. It is caused I have some problems with my boyfriend. Secondly,absolutely It signs that I have had a boyfriend. But I still appreciate your feeling to me. It is better if we become good friends.
Madi and Sihot                       : Ehm..Ok.(little bit dissapointed)
Rara                                        : Friend?(lend her hand to Madi,Sihot, and Abil)
Madi, Abil and Sihot : Friend forever(lend their hand to Rara’s hand)

By  :
Muhammad Lokendro .M as Madi
Oka Sahala . S                   as Sihot
Uray Ulfah Nabila            as Abil
Zahirah                              as Rara

From XI IPA 5 (Senior High School 1 Pontianak)