Kamis, 12 April 2012

I Still Believe in You - Cliff Richard


One day there was a beautiful girl. She is a lucky girl for having parents who strongly favored. Other than you saying from her parents, she also had the luxury of treasure from her parents. It makes him feel no less than his life, except with Love. She doesn't believe in love, and she did not believe it because she never know what is love. Until one day when she met a man as she holidays in the island with her parents. The meeting between them began when she was enjoying the wonderful a beauty of the beach at the time, and all of a sudden the head the girl was hit by ball by the people which playing ball on the waterfront. And she have passed out, and finally a man help her and tried to wake up her. Finally the girl  even knowingly, and surprise she saw a man who was in front of her.
After that , they become familiar and looked if they have an interest in each other , all along the man she felt comfortable with that man , without aware of the love she had to appear . She intends to unfold, was in her heart but without in thought the man was first declared the contents of his heart against with her. Finally they become a pair of lover on the island, even though they must undergo any long-distance relationships.
Day by day passed their relationship is good every week he had always paid a visit to the girl. The girl was the figure of a man tells to his parents, and the parents and the girl was happy to see her happy. The old man the girl wanted to meet with the man. But every the girl asked her lover to meet with both parents he always can ' t ,not only that every time the girl wanted to reconcile both parents with her in a place he had always disappear  and go without permit to the girl. This makes the girl, upset with her so anything with his parents.
Until one day they both meet somewhere, and the girl was angry with him and try to ask for an explanation of him at attitude long as it does not want to meet with anyone other. With great regret that the man gives explanation to that girl about him attitude . Heard an explanation that the girl can only speechless and unable to accept the fact that he is experiencing now.
It turns out that he was not real he just imaginary from the girl. For in the man who always be with him only fiction. It happens because she’s can’t believe with love, until it appeared in his life. The girl can only wept before the image of the man, it 's sad man see the girl , crying in front of him, until the shadow of the man slowly disappeared. Weeping girl it's getting louder and shadows in front of her was gone. She can’t accept reality, she just wondering why it can happen to her . Finally realized that if the girls love will come when she believes this . Until now the girl still believes that man is real.  She believed the man is real because she believe with Love

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