Kamis, 17 November 2011

Expression Dialog

Suci                                          : “Assalamu’alaikum.”
Nadia and Zahirah                     : “Waalaikumussalam.”
Suci                                          : “How are you?”
Nadia and Zahirah                     : “We are fine, thanks. How about you?”
Suci                                          : ‘I’m fine too. Will you go to the bookstore?”
Nadia                                       : “Ok, i will. How about you ra? Will you?”
Zahirah                                     : “Of course. But, i have a bad feeling.”
Suci                                          : “Stay cool. Today is a fine and great day.”
Zahirah                                    : “I hope so.”
Nadia                                       : “Ok, Let’s go.”
(on the trip)
Nadia                                       : “What do you want to buy in the bookstore?”
Suci                                         : “I want to buy some novels.”
Nadia                                       : “What’s the title?”
Suci                                         : “One of them is ‘Padang Bulan’ .”
Zahirah                                    : “Sorry, Padang Bulan ?”
Suci                                         : “Yeah, Padang Bulan.”
Zahirah                                   : “Wow, That’s great.”
Nadia                                      : “Yeah, Andrea Hirata’s novel is very terrific.”
Zahirah                                   : “Wait, wait my friends.”
Nadia                                      : “What’s wrong?”
Zahirah                                   : “Sudddenly, i have headache. Ugh, its very painful.”
Suci                                        : “I think you must go home for take a rest.”
Zahirah                                   :  “I think so.”
Nadia                                      : (Suddenly) “Hey look ! is that Luken?”
Suci                                        : “Where is him?”
Nadia                                      : “There! A boy that use the red motorcycle one.”
Suci                                        : “Yeah, it is him. Ken! Ken ! Come here!”
Luken                                     : (Look to Suci and approach to them) “What are you doing on the street
Nadia                                     :  “We want to go back to Zahirah’s home. Zahirah get headache.”
Suci                                        : “Oh, i have a good idea.”
Luken                                     : “What is it?”
Suci                                        : “Could you bring Zahirah to her home by your                      
                                                 motorcycle ? So she can take a rest quickly.”

Luken                                     : “Certainly, let’s go Zahirah!”
Zahirah                                   : “Ok. Thanks Ken !”
Nadia                                      : “Go Ken ! I and Suci will come afterward you to go Zahirah’s home.”

(Luken and Zahirah go to Zahirah’s home by Luken motorcycle)
(Luken and Zahirah arrive in Zahirah’s home)

Zahirah                                  : “Thanks Ken, Let’s enter to my home.”
Luken                                     : “Sure.”

(Suci and Nadia arrive in Zahirah’s home)

Suci and Nadia                       : ”Assalamu’alaikum.”
Luken                                    : (Open the door) “Come on! Zahirah is taking a rest in her bed.
                                                Now she is  better.”
Nadia and Suci                       : (Enter the home) “Thank goodness.”
Luken                                    : “Nad, I have a good news.”
Nadia                                    : “What ?”
Luken                                    : ”We  have wonthe LKTI competition.”
Nadia                                    : “Really?”
Luken                                    : “Yes.”
Nadia                                    : “I can’t tell tou how relieved i am.”
Suci                                      : “Congratulation for your winning.”
Luken and Nadia                    : “Thanks, ci.”
Nadia                                    : “Will we go to the bookstore?”
Suci                                      : “No, Zahirah’s sick, and I must go home,
                                                  because I have been telephoned by my mother.”
Luken and Nadia                    : “Ok. See you. Becareful.”
Suci                                      : “See you too.”

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