Kamis, 17 November 2011

Expression Dialog

Suci                                          : “Assalamu’alaikum.”
Nadia and Zahirah                     : “Waalaikumussalam.”
Suci                                          : “How are you?”
Nadia and Zahirah                     : “We are fine, thanks. How about you?”
Suci                                          : ‘I’m fine too. Will you go to the bookstore?”
Nadia                                       : “Ok, i will. How about you ra? Will you?”
Zahirah                                     : “Of course. But, i have a bad feeling.”
Suci                                          : “Stay cool. Today is a fine and great day.”
Zahirah                                    : “I hope so.”
Nadia                                       : “Ok, Let’s go.”
(on the trip)
Nadia                                       : “What do you want to buy in the bookstore?”
Suci                                         : “I want to buy some novels.”
Nadia                                       : “What’s the title?”
Suci                                         : “One of them is ‘Padang Bulan’ .”
Zahirah                                    : “Sorry, Padang Bulan ?”
Suci                                         : “Yeah, Padang Bulan.”
Zahirah                                   : “Wow, That’s great.”
Nadia                                      : “Yeah, Andrea Hirata’s novel is very terrific.”
Zahirah                                   : “Wait, wait my friends.”
Nadia                                      : “What’s wrong?”
Zahirah                                   : “Sudddenly, i have headache. Ugh, its very painful.”
Suci                                        : “I think you must go home for take a rest.”
Zahirah                                   :  “I think so.”
Nadia                                      : (Suddenly) “Hey look ! is that Luken?”
Suci                                        : “Where is him?”
Nadia                                      : “There! A boy that use the red motorcycle one.”
Suci                                        : “Yeah, it is him. Ken! Ken ! Come here!”
Luken                                     : (Look to Suci and approach to them) “What are you doing on the street
Nadia                                     :  “We want to go back to Zahirah’s home. Zahirah get headache.”
Suci                                        : “Oh, i have a good idea.”
Luken                                     : “What is it?”
Suci                                        : “Could you bring Zahirah to her home by your                      
                                                 motorcycle ? So she can take a rest quickly.”

Luken                                     : “Certainly, let’s go Zahirah!”
Zahirah                                   : “Ok. Thanks Ken !”
Nadia                                      : “Go Ken ! I and Suci will come afterward you to go Zahirah’s home.”

(Luken and Zahirah go to Zahirah’s home by Luken motorcycle)
(Luken and Zahirah arrive in Zahirah’s home)

Zahirah                                  : “Thanks Ken, Let’s enter to my home.”
Luken                                     : “Sure.”

(Suci and Nadia arrive in Zahirah’s home)

Suci and Nadia                       : ”Assalamu’alaikum.”
Luken                                    : (Open the door) “Come on! Zahirah is taking a rest in her bed.
                                                Now she is  better.”
Nadia and Suci                       : (Enter the home) “Thank goodness.”
Luken                                    : “Nad, I have a good news.”
Nadia                                    : “What ?”
Luken                                    : ”We  have wonthe LKTI competition.”
Nadia                                    : “Really?”
Luken                                    : “Yes.”
Nadia                                    : “I can’t tell tou how relieved i am.”
Suci                                      : “Congratulation for your winning.”
Luken and Nadia                    : “Thanks, ci.”
Nadia                                    : “Will we go to the bookstore?”
Suci                                      : “No, Zahirah’s sick, and I must go home,
                                                  because I have been telephoned by my mother.”
Luken and Nadia                    : “Ok. See you. Becareful.”
Suci                                      : “See you too.”

Minggu, 13 November 2011

Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences Type 1

  • If wila comes , I will not going to her house
  • She doesn't go to school if She will sick
  • If susi wake up early , she will jogging
  • If I have a lot many, I will buy a new dress
  • He eats the hambergur if He will hungry
Conditional Sentences 2
  • I studied hard, if I would pass the exam.
  • If I were a doctor, I would treat the sick
  • If my sister got sick  she would be going to hospital
  • I  walked to home if my father would not pick up me 
  • My Father drove the car if He would come to office
Conditional Sentences 3
  • I had opened the door if He would came 
  • If I hadn't studied, I wouldn't have passed my exams
  • If I had taken a bath , I would have went to school
  • She had eaten , If Her mother would have 
  • If I had spoken English, she would have understood

Kamis, 10 November 2011

Narrative Text

The Kingdom of Bermuda Triangle         T
The Bermuda Triangle is the one of the most mysterious place in the world. The place is called mysterious because every plane or ship that pass near this place will be lose misteriously. Many people say  that is a natural phenomenon. Even, some people say that it is alien induced.
Once upon a time, there lived a scientist in Simosir Island. His name is Minhyuk. He was amaze with the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. He planned to do a research about the mystery.
Then one day, Minhyuk went to the Bermuda Triangle Island because he wanted to break the mystery. The distance the between the Bermuda Triangle Island the Simosir Island is not far so he went to there by swimming. When he almost arrived there, suddenly there was a big whirlpool around him. It attracked him quickly to the centre of whirlpool that it made him was lose under the sea.
After so long he was unconscious, Minhyuk finally woke up. He had been being tied on the side of pole. He was very surprised and frightened because he was surrounded by various forms of strange creatures. Then one of them said to his friend, ”Hey!!! Go and bring him to our king ". He immediately lifted the pole and brought it to the King of Genie. Along the trip, he thought "Where is me? Who are Them ?”. Minhyuk looked and give an attention to the creature carefully. The creatures did not have legs and flew. Then the scientists were reminded about a book that he had read. The book tells the life of genie in the Bermuda Triangle Island. In fact, it had been tested now.
After view hours, one of them said "Stop! We had been arrived". They put the pole on the ground and taked off bond that bound Minhyuk. They had reached in front of the King of Genie. The King of Genie asked the Minhyuk by a hard voice, "Hey the Son of Adam! What are you doing in my kingdom?!" " My name is Minhyuk, I was a scientist and I do not know how I could be in this weird place." He replied, "How dare you little boy! You tell that my kingdom is very strange place?! Guards kill him now !" He said with frightened and nervous, "Please don’t kill me! Forgive me! Please… I'll do whatever you want". Heard it, the King was happy and replied “Well, the son of Adam, I will forgive you but you must be my slave. You must serve and worship me. Can you?”. Minhyuk answered, " Okay my King, from now I'll be your slave and do whatever you want”. In other side, a beautiful genie who was standing beside the king started to give an attention to him and felt in love to him. The genie is Princess Shin Ye, the daughter of the King.
The next day, Minhyuk spends his days as a slave and served the king in the kingdom. All of the genie alienated him because Minhyuk is a human that made him difficult to live there. He always helped the genies who were in problem, but they still alienated him.
One day, when Minhyuk was thinking his fate, the Princess Shin Ye approached him. She said "Hi Minhyuk, why do you look sad ?" Minhyuk was surprised to see the arrival of the princess and said "I'm just confused why the genies did not alienated me whereas I often helped them". The Princess Shin Ye said ". They are still alienate you united. Mmm…I have the idea that can make you are not alienated by the genies." He ask "How can?" She answered, " You must be a genie". "What ? Be a genie ? Is it possible ?"Of course.But, you must kill the most powerful genie in this island, his name Mbah Surip. "Okay, I'll do it, where does he live?" " He live at the edge of the mount Marizoa, but becareful of him because he is very strong". He said Fine, thank you for your advice".
Next day, he went to Mount Marizoa and found Mbah Surip. Because he had foung his weakness so he could beat Mbah Surip. After he had succeed to beat him, he felt strange in his body. Suddenly he felt that something great power was flowing in his body. Then, almost all of his body became like the other genies and made him could be flying. He was very happy and went to approached the princess.  He thanked to her very much. Since it, he was accepted by the genies and he was became the leader of king's army in the kingdom.
Without his knowing, he was starting to fall in love with Princess Shin Ye. Until one day Minhyuk meet Princess Shin Ye and express his feelings, Minhyuk said "Did you know princess?Actually I have felt in love to you, do you want to marry me? "Princess Shin Ye was suprised after she was learning it.Then she said, "Of course, actually I love you too but I am too shy to confesse my feeling to you ". Then they got married and their marriage was blessed by King of genie. They finally lived happily for forever.

Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Culture of West Kalimantan

  The Tepung Tawar Ceremony

Tepung tawar if in considered from Indonesia consisted of "Tepung "words  and "Tawar" words, and The Tepung Tawar is flour that had the tasteless feeling and not salt. But if in the Malay Sambas language "Tawar" words approaching said "Jampi"words or the "Spell"not salty.When the "Jampi"words is significant water that has is read out the spell or also the prayers by elder of the village.

The aim the main function in held the ceremony was living safety without any fear of being haunted, of course is the desire of all people. Fear of ghosts,including one of them. For some people, maybe this is very surprising. However this is believed by name communities in west Kalimantan. The Tepung Tawar Ceremony celebrate to especially children,pregant women,or babies in their live often get trouble from the spirit. 

The spirits is a ghost, Malay cultures believe that there wasa ghost that was named Kuntilanak. The ghost likes to disturb people,especially children,pregant women or babies.Many of them said that Kuntilanak kidnap childrens and drink bloods from babies that just born.To avoid this,they made the Tepung Tawar Ceremony.

To do this,they neeed to prepare complete equipments before starting the ceremony.The eqiupments are :

  • Yellow flour is flour that is made from ground rice mixed with pandan leaves and turmeric,then insert it into tudung telak.
  • Tudung telak is a bamboo rod that has diameter twenty-inch meters,with 18 inches high.
  • And then there is pentawar which is made of palm leaves like a tapak bebek flower has a stalk.
  • Tetungkal is leaves that is formed by amount of approximately twenty spicies tied and then cut at end of  base so that surpace become flat.
After all ingredients and equipment are ready,we still need five family member to perform teh Tepung Tawar Ceremony.The five member we be divided to two groups,three members hold tetungkal and two members to do pentawar. After that they are ready tov perform The Tepung Tawar Ceremony.
To perform this,the five members  were asked to circle the baby who wants to be protect from interferences spirits. After strirring the flour,tetungkal and penawar are made from the leaves and coconut leaves were dipped in flour and then stamped on her forehead, left,and right foot while saying the prophet invocation (sholawat) to beg salvation.This ceremony is followed by a subsequent event that is cutting the baby's hair.

Tepung Tawar Ceremony is believed to avoid people from any fear of ghost.For some people maybe this is very strange. However,this is believed by some communities in west Kalimantan. This ceremony can be something attractive for tourist who want to see directly when this ceremony held,the goverment needs to care and establish it as cultural wealth.