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                       Cenat-Cenut Love

On one evening, Madi and  Sihot are sitting on the side road and playing their own guitar. They are bosom friend. Suddenly, Rara and Abil pass in front of them .

Sihot    :  (flute)….Look ! What a beautiful girl she is!
Madi   :  Which one ?
Sihot    :  The long hair one. She is like the member of cherrybell… you know, chibi-chibi cherybell.
Madi   :  Hmm..maybe.

On  the tomorrow morning, there is an acceptance new students at SMA  1 South Korea. Each of the new students enter to their own class. Madi get the same class with Sihot.

Madi   :  Hot, do you see them?
Sihot    :  Yeah…they are girls who had been met yesterday. It turn out that they are our classmates. How lucky men we are!
Madi   :  By the way,Do you know the name of the long hair girl one?
Sihot    :  No, I don’t.
After school.
Madi   :  Hey you! Wait!(Stop Rara and Abil’ step)
Rara and Abil  : (feel  annoy with him)
Abil     : Hey, what’s up?
Madi   : I just wanna get acquainted with you
Rara and Abil ; (looked confuse)
Madi   : Ok. I’m Madi (give his hand to Rara)
Rara    : Sorry...We are busy. (Rara and Abil leave Madi.)
Madi   : Hey wait me!(pursue them by running)

But suddenly…”Gubrak!”,Madi slip and fell down.

Rara and Abil : Hey look him! He fell down.Hahaha..
Madi   : (feel embrass and painful)
Sihot    : (Approach him)Hey bro!Are you okay?(laugh for him).
Madi   : Hey,stop laughing me! Okay?! (looks anger)
Sihot    : Sorry bro, but it is so embrassment.( little bit laugh)

On the night, Abil is seeking a book in gramedia. Suddenly, she meets Sihot..

Sihot    : Hey you,the veil girl one!
Abil     : Oy!Oh that’s you. Aren’t we classmate?
Sihot    : Yes. My name is Sihot. My friends usually call me Hot.How about you?
Abil     : My name is Abil. You can call me Kite
Sihot    : By the way, Where is your friend? Don,t you usually walk together?
Abil     : Oh Rara. This time,I just want to go alone.
Sihot    : I see. Kite, could I ask you something about Rara?
Abil     : Mmm….(think)
Sihot    : C’mon! Please..
Abil     : Ok. What is it?

They talk something quietly.

Sihot    : I see.. Oke, thanks for your information.
Ulfah   : You’re welcome

When Sihot is in back home trip, he meet Madi

Madi   : Hey hot!
Sihot    : What’s up bro?
Madi   : Where do you come from?
Oka     : I’m from Gramedia. Did you know? At last, I met with Rara’s friend.
Madi   : Rara ?
Oka     : Rara is our classmate who has long hair one.
Madi   : Then ?
Oka     : I get some information about Rara from her.
Madi   : Really ? Tell it to me!
Oka     : No..! I will use the information to come near Rara.
Madi   : Along this time, It turn out that you play in my behind. How treason you are!
Oka     :  Oke. From now on, we compete to get her heart.
Madi   : Fine..

They leave with  a fed up face.

Tomorrow, in school.

Abil     : Ra, did you know? There are boys who are interested with you and one them asked about you to me steadily yesterday.
Rara    : Really ? Who are they ?
Abil     : They are Sihot and Madi..
Rara    : Iuh.. very kamseupay ..

Suddenly Madi and Sihot approach them
Sihot & madi : Hi, good morning Rara.. !(together)
Rara    : Good morning…
Madi   : In this morning, I want you to know that I love you Rara. (nervous)
Sihot  : Me too. I have loved you in our first meet.
Rara    : Ehm...Ok, listen ! Firstly, I want to say sorry to you because I often ignore both of you. It is caused I have some problems with my boyfriend. Secondly,absolutely It signs that I have had a boyfriend. But I still appreciate your feeling to me. It is better if we become good friends.
Madi and Sihot                       : Ehm..Ok.(little bit dissapointed)
Rara                                        : Friend?(lend her hand to Madi,Sihot, and Abil)
Madi, Abil and Sihot : Friend forever(lend their hand to Rara’s hand)

By  :
Muhammad Lokendro .M as Madi
Oka Sahala . S                   as Sihot
Uray Ulfah Nabila            as Abil
Zahirah                              as Rara

From XI IPA 5 (Senior High School 1 Pontianak)

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I Still Believe in You - Cliff Richard


One day there was a beautiful girl. She is a lucky girl for having parents who strongly favored. Other than you saying from her parents, she also had the luxury of treasure from her parents. It makes him feel no less than his life, except with Love. She doesn't believe in love, and she did not believe it because she never know what is love. Until one day when she met a man as she holidays in the island with her parents. The meeting between them began when she was enjoying the wonderful a beauty of the beach at the time, and all of a sudden the head the girl was hit by ball by the people which playing ball on the waterfront. And she have passed out, and finally a man help her and tried to wake up her. Finally the girl  even knowingly, and surprise she saw a man who was in front of her.
After that , they become familiar and looked if they have an interest in each other , all along the man she felt comfortable with that man , without aware of the love she had to appear . She intends to unfold, was in her heart but without in thought the man was first declared the contents of his heart against with her. Finally they become a pair of lover on the island, even though they must undergo any long-distance relationships.
Day by day passed their relationship is good every week he had always paid a visit to the girl. The girl was the figure of a man tells to his parents, and the parents and the girl was happy to see her happy. The old man the girl wanted to meet with the man. But every the girl asked her lover to meet with both parents he always can ' t ,not only that every time the girl wanted to reconcile both parents with her in a place he had always disappear  and go without permit to the girl. This makes the girl, upset with her so anything with his parents.
Until one day they both meet somewhere, and the girl was angry with him and try to ask for an explanation of him at attitude long as it does not want to meet with anyone other. With great regret that the man gives explanation to that girl about him attitude . Heard an explanation that the girl can only speechless and unable to accept the fact that he is experiencing now.
It turns out that he was not real he just imaginary from the girl. For in the man who always be with him only fiction. It happens because she’s can’t believe with love, until it appeared in his life. The girl can only wept before the image of the man, it 's sad man see the girl , crying in front of him, until the shadow of the man slowly disappeared. Weeping girl it's getting louder and shadows in front of her was gone. She can’t accept reality, she just wondering why it can happen to her . Finally realized that if the girls love will come when she believes this . Until now the girl still believes that man is real.  She believed the man is real because she believe with Love

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Spoof Text

                Boom – Boom Car

Cici and Rara were a senior high school student. That holiday, they weren’t go to the out of city so they decided to spend their holiday. They weren’t go to the out of city so they decided to spend their holiday with go to mall, shopping, and so on, even do something stupid.
                        First, they went to the cinema to watch the newest movie, that is Mission Impossible. The following day, they go shopping. But actually, they didn’t buy anything, they only tested something like shoe and clothes, and then go from its shop. Sometime, the shop keeper get angry because of their action. But, for Cici and Rara , it doesn’t matter.  Eventually, it makes them happy :D
Time passed…
                        In the last day of their holiday, Cici and Rara had no idea to spend their holiday again, until Rara shouted, “How about playing boom-boom car? I miss to play that game :D”
                        “Sure,” answered Cici.
                        So that they went to the third floor of Ayani Megamall which boom –boom car placed.
                        “That car looks good, right?” asked Cici while pointed to the red car in the corner of the playing area.
                        “Yup, let’s ride it!” said Rara.
                        Three minutes later, the horn ring. That means the game is start. Rara drive the car, she start to pushes the accelerator but the car was off. Then, Cici try to drive the car. She pushes the accelerator but the engine still off. Until the boom-boom car man come and says, “Don’t you read this? The car has broken down!”

Text analyzing
Orientation : There were two students of senior high school named Cici and Rara. They didn't go to    the out of city while holiday time.
Event 1      : Cici and Rara went to the cinema to watch the newest movie
Event 2      : They go shopping, but actually they didn't buy anything
Event 3      : They played Boom-boom Car in Ayani Megamall
Twist          : Cici and Rara didn't know that the car which they drove has broken down

Unfamiliar Words
          Accelerator same with pedal in a car that is pressed with the foot to increase the car’s speed.
          Decided same with think about something and choose between the possibilities available
          Broken down same with has been damaged or injured
          Pointed same with directed in a clear, often critical way, against a particular person
          Eventually same with adverb in the end

             Artist Didn’t Always Famous

There was a little boy named Pieter. He lived near Super Junior's house. Super Junior is the most famous boyband in South Korea.
                        One day, Pieter met Yesung, one of Super Junior member. When Yesung come closer to Pieter, he said, "Hey, do you like boyband?"
                        "Err.. not really, i only liked Super Junior," answered Pieter.
                        "Oh, who did you like mostly in Super Junior ?" asked Yesung.
                        "Yesung. But, this time i rather afraid that he was a guy. How about you?"
                        "I think, not all of boyband were a guy."
                        "Ya, whatever.. By the way, what's your name and where do you lived?"
                        "Yesung. I lived there," said Yesung while pointed on Super Junior's house.

Text Analyzing
         Orientation       :  A little boy named Pieter that lived near Super  Junior's house
            Event 1               :  Pieter met Yesung, one of Super Junior member
            Event 2              :  Yesung and Pieter talked about boyband
            Event 3              :  Pieter said that her favorite member in Super  Junior  member was a   guy
            Twist                  :   Pieter doesn't know that he was talking to  Yesung
Unfamiliar Words
          Rather same with fairly; to some degree
          Pointed same with directed in a clear, often critical way, against a particular person

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Expression Dialog

Suci                                          : “Assalamu’alaikum.”
Nadia and Zahirah                     : “Waalaikumussalam.”
Suci                                          : “How are you?”
Nadia and Zahirah                     : “We are fine, thanks. How about you?”
Suci                                          : ‘I’m fine too. Will you go to the bookstore?”
Nadia                                       : “Ok, i will. How about you ra? Will you?”
Zahirah                                     : “Of course. But, i have a bad feeling.”
Suci                                          : “Stay cool. Today is a fine and great day.”
Zahirah                                    : “I hope so.”
Nadia                                       : “Ok, Let’s go.”
(on the trip)
Nadia                                       : “What do you want to buy in the bookstore?”
Suci                                         : “I want to buy some novels.”
Nadia                                       : “What’s the title?”
Suci                                         : “One of them is ‘Padang Bulan’ .”
Zahirah                                    : “Sorry, Padang Bulan ?”
Suci                                         : “Yeah, Padang Bulan.”
Zahirah                                   : “Wow, That’s great.”
Nadia                                      : “Yeah, Andrea Hirata’s novel is very terrific.”
Zahirah                                   : “Wait, wait my friends.”
Nadia                                      : “What’s wrong?”
Zahirah                                   : “Sudddenly, i have headache. Ugh, its very painful.”
Suci                                        : “I think you must go home for take a rest.”
Zahirah                                   :  “I think so.”
Nadia                                      : (Suddenly) “Hey look ! is that Luken?”
Suci                                        : “Where is him?”
Nadia                                      : “There! A boy that use the red motorcycle one.”
Suci                                        : “Yeah, it is him. Ken! Ken ! Come here!”
Luken                                     : (Look to Suci and approach to them) “What are you doing on the street
Nadia                                     :  “We want to go back to Zahirah’s home. Zahirah get headache.”
Suci                                        : “Oh, i have a good idea.”
Luken                                     : “What is it?”
Suci                                        : “Could you bring Zahirah to her home by your                      
                                                 motorcycle ? So she can take a rest quickly.”

Luken                                     : “Certainly, let’s go Zahirah!”
Zahirah                                   : “Ok. Thanks Ken !”
Nadia                                      : “Go Ken ! I and Suci will come afterward you to go Zahirah’s home.”

(Luken and Zahirah go to Zahirah’s home by Luken motorcycle)
(Luken and Zahirah arrive in Zahirah’s home)

Zahirah                                  : “Thanks Ken, Let’s enter to my home.”
Luken                                     : “Sure.”

(Suci and Nadia arrive in Zahirah’s home)

Suci and Nadia                       : ”Assalamu’alaikum.”
Luken                                    : (Open the door) “Come on! Zahirah is taking a rest in her bed.
                                                Now she is  better.”
Nadia and Suci                       : (Enter the home) “Thank goodness.”
Luken                                    : “Nad, I have a good news.”
Nadia                                    : “What ?”
Luken                                    : ”We  have wonthe LKTI competition.”
Nadia                                    : “Really?”
Luken                                    : “Yes.”
Nadia                                    : “I can’t tell tou how relieved i am.”
Suci                                      : “Congratulation for your winning.”
Luken and Nadia                    : “Thanks, ci.”
Nadia                                    : “Will we go to the bookstore?”
Suci                                      : “No, Zahirah’s sick, and I must go home,
                                                  because I have been telephoned by my mother.”
Luken and Nadia                    : “Ok. See you. Becareful.”
Suci                                      : “See you too.”

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Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences Type 1

  • If wila comes , I will not going to her house
  • She doesn't go to school if She will sick
  • If susi wake up early , she will jogging
  • If I have a lot many, I will buy a new dress
  • He eats the hambergur if He will hungry
Conditional Sentences 2
  • I studied hard, if I would pass the exam.
  • If I were a doctor, I would treat the sick
  • If my sister got sick  she would be going to hospital
  • I  walked to home if my father would not pick up me 
  • My Father drove the car if He would come to office
Conditional Sentences 3
  • I had opened the door if He would came 
  • If I hadn't studied, I wouldn't have passed my exams
  • If I had taken a bath , I would have went to school
  • She had eaten , If Her mother would have 
  • If I had spoken English, she would have understood

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Narrative Text

The Kingdom of Bermuda Triangle         T
The Bermuda Triangle is the one of the most mysterious place in the world. The place is called mysterious because every plane or ship that pass near this place will be lose misteriously. Many people say  that is a natural phenomenon. Even, some people say that it is alien induced.
Once upon a time, there lived a scientist in Simosir Island. His name is Minhyuk. He was amaze with the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. He planned to do a research about the mystery.
Then one day, Minhyuk went to the Bermuda Triangle Island because he wanted to break the mystery. The distance the between the Bermuda Triangle Island the Simosir Island is not far so he went to there by swimming. When he almost arrived there, suddenly there was a big whirlpool around him. It attracked him quickly to the centre of whirlpool that it made him was lose under the sea.
After so long he was unconscious, Minhyuk finally woke up. He had been being tied on the side of pole. He was very surprised and frightened because he was surrounded by various forms of strange creatures. Then one of them said to his friend, ”Hey!!! Go and bring him to our king ". He immediately lifted the pole and brought it to the King of Genie. Along the trip, he thought "Where is me? Who are Them ?”. Minhyuk looked and give an attention to the creature carefully. The creatures did not have legs and flew. Then the scientists were reminded about a book that he had read. The book tells the life of genie in the Bermuda Triangle Island. In fact, it had been tested now.
After view hours, one of them said "Stop! We had been arrived". They put the pole on the ground and taked off bond that bound Minhyuk. They had reached in front of the King of Genie. The King of Genie asked the Minhyuk by a hard voice, "Hey the Son of Adam! What are you doing in my kingdom?!" " My name is Minhyuk, I was a scientist and I do not know how I could be in this weird place." He replied, "How dare you little boy! You tell that my kingdom is very strange place?! Guards kill him now !" He said with frightened and nervous, "Please don’t kill me! Forgive me! Please… I'll do whatever you want". Heard it, the King was happy and replied “Well, the son of Adam, I will forgive you but you must be my slave. You must serve and worship me. Can you?”. Minhyuk answered, " Okay my King, from now I'll be your slave and do whatever you want”. In other side, a beautiful genie who was standing beside the king started to give an attention to him and felt in love to him. The genie is Princess Shin Ye, the daughter of the King.
The next day, Minhyuk spends his days as a slave and served the king in the kingdom. All of the genie alienated him because Minhyuk is a human that made him difficult to live there. He always helped the genies who were in problem, but they still alienated him.
One day, when Minhyuk was thinking his fate, the Princess Shin Ye approached him. She said "Hi Minhyuk, why do you look sad ?" Minhyuk was surprised to see the arrival of the princess and said "I'm just confused why the genies did not alienated me whereas I often helped them". The Princess Shin Ye said ". They are still alienate you united. Mmm…I have the idea that can make you are not alienated by the genies." He ask "How can?" She answered, " You must be a genie". "What ? Be a genie ? Is it possible ?"Of course.But, you must kill the most powerful genie in this island, his name Mbah Surip. "Okay, I'll do it, where does he live?" " He live at the edge of the mount Marizoa, but becareful of him because he is very strong". He said Fine, thank you for your advice".
Next day, he went to Mount Marizoa and found Mbah Surip. Because he had foung his weakness so he could beat Mbah Surip. After he had succeed to beat him, he felt strange in his body. Suddenly he felt that something great power was flowing in his body. Then, almost all of his body became like the other genies and made him could be flying. He was very happy and went to approached the princess.  He thanked to her very much. Since it, he was accepted by the genies and he was became the leader of king's army in the kingdom.
Without his knowing, he was starting to fall in love with Princess Shin Ye. Until one day Minhyuk meet Princess Shin Ye and express his feelings, Minhyuk said "Did you know princess?Actually I have felt in love to you, do you want to marry me? "Princess Shin Ye was suprised after she was learning it.Then she said, "Of course, actually I love you too but I am too shy to confesse my feeling to you ". Then they got married and their marriage was blessed by King of genie. They finally lived happily for forever.